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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
It sounds like you don't own any of these hats or have never worn them. The last three versions of the BP hat had a pre-molded curve to the bill. That's how they were sold at the stores brand new. This hat as pictured, and sold, has the bull**** flat brim that you can wear like Josh Fields and Edwin Jackson.

Its just my opinion of course, and anyone can disagree with me, but this style and design is inferior. I loved the last three BP hats with low profiles, curved bills and raised stitched logos.

Then again I'm shocked that MLB is selling mesh trucker caps and snapback hats. Just not a good look Imo.
I really liked the fit of the 39/Thirty BP caps as well. I just didn't like the previous designs with the ear fenders and two-toned bills. That's why I was excited when I saw the design of the new caps. Now I'm just as disappointed that they are the fitted, 59/Fifty caps with the higher crown.

I get the whole fashion craze and it's nice that they offer a wide selection of "fashion caps" for people who want that kind of stuff, however I'm disappointed that I don't like the fit of the actual New Era caps "worn by the players on the field". It never used to be like that as the original wool caps used to fit great. Now I find the replica caps, Nike, etc. with the stretch fit or velcro tap actually fit and look better on my head than the "pro" versions.

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