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Originally Posted by TheOldRoman View Post
First off, that's not a flat brim, that's just how it looks in the picture. It's the same brim that is on their game caps, and it can be easily bent.
It sounds like you don't own any of these hats or have never worn them. The last three versions of the BP hat had a pre-molded curve to the bill. That's how they were sold at the stores brand new. This hat as pictured, and sold, has the bull**** flat brim that you can wear like Josh Fields and Edwin Jackson.

Its just my opinion of course, and anyone can disagree with me, but this style and design is inferior. I loved the last three BP hats with low profiles, curved bills and raised stitched logos.

Then again I'm shocked that MLB is selling mesh trucker caps and snapback hats. Just not a good look Imo.
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