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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
The Mets are in now what may be the toughest division in baseball. Plus I don't see the Wilpons being able to up payroll to match that market anywhere in the near future.

Because of that, I voted for San Diego. Weak division and they have some good young talent--that Latos trade certainly helped.
Originally Posted by palehozenychicty View Post
The division is a lot better now than their last bit of relevance in '06-08.

Washington, Miami, Atlanta, and The Phils are still a lot more talented.
I'm not that high on Philly and Atlanta. Philly's lineup is ageing and injured, and Atlanta's pitching was never as good long-term as it seemed the first four months of last season. I would not be surprised to see any of the four teams besides the Mets win that division this year, but that is only because each team has major flaws that the other teams can exploit. I expect Philly to continue to decline, Atlanta to continue to have pitching problems, and Washington and Miami to go through growing pains. The Mets don't have to increase payroll to improve the roster, they just have to make enough shrewd moves. I don't think they are that far behind the other four.
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