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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
It would seem to me, they have to have more than just this guy's testimony. They know it will be taken with a grain of salt.First off, this story is a black eye to the game, just coming out.
Secondly, if they wind up not having the material to actually suspend these guys, it will all be for naught, they will look like fools and it still will appear everyone is cheating. They would be far better off just making this go away quietly.

Of course that is just what makes most sense to me. Whether it makes sense to MLB is beyond me.
Since this is essentially an internal matter within baseball and the union, do the same rules and legal doctrines apply? I know that there are rules that are spelt out in the CB but just because these charges may or may not hold up in a courtroom doesn't mean that MLB has a foot to stand on here. They would only have to prove that they can suspend these players under the criteria of the collective bargining agreement, no?

Go Sox!!!
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