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I really enjoyed the way they handled the Civil Rights Game stuff- especially the interviews in the booth- I've never seen Hank Aaron so relaxed and having so much fun. And for all the "Hawk haters"- Hawk was masterful with Hank in the booth- the sharing of stories and assessments of players from their common time in MLB was awesome- and for anyone who thinks Hawk is bs'ing with his stories and name dropping- he went through about 20 of them during the interview- and had Hank nodding, agreeing, laughing, etc.

Then Stone would interject his comments/questions- and the interview would go "dead"- then Hawk would get back in the game- and Hank was animated and laughing all over again.

On a separate note- during Friday night's game- I was listening on the radio- and when AJ came up for the first time- Farmer/DJ- barely ackowledged it- something about "one of many players on the 2005 team who contributed" from Farmer while DJ prattled on about some obscure Nelson Cruz stats- what a bunch of tools- neither of them had half the career AJ has had.

The two anecdotes are why I still love Hawk- and would happily see the other 3 sent packing in the offseason.
Players that are an important part of the rebuild:
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