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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
Considering it was his first full season and he is only 23, he did OK.
Getting tired of this excuse. He has 762 PA's over three years. He wasn't rookie-eligible last year.

When Dunn was 23, he hit 27/57 with a relatively close line to Viciedo of .215/.354/.465 (granted worse BA and better OPB) with more total PAs that Viciedo has now.

Conversely, when Frank was 23, he hit 32/109 and .318/.443/.553 with a handful more PA's that Viciedo has now.

That he's 23 has only a little bearing on his past vs. future performance, and I still doubt we'll see him hitting for average, with quality at-bats, plate patience and fewer K's anytime soon.

I'd be happy with any improvement.
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