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I have been throwing these numbers out for a few weeks, so here goes again.

Since heading into Detroit on July 20 for the first sweep
The Sox have gone 31-26
Record vs. Detroit: 2-8 (lost six games in standings)
Record vs. KC: 3-9
Record against all others: 26-9
Games left vs. KC and Det: 0

The Tigers have gone 30-26
Record vs. the Sox: 8-2 (picked up 6 games in standings)
Record against all others: 22-24
Games left vs. Sox: 0

The Tigers are now what they have been all year: Good starting pitching, a few fat guys who hit the ball well, and cripplingly horrible defense. I don't forsee them suddenly "figuring it out" 149 games into the season. Judging from their numbers against teams other than the Sox, they are probably going to go .500 over the rest of the year.
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