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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Or, you know, I made a mistake when calculating it by using his unearned runs. But two extra runs being counted or not belies the truth of the situation. Santiago was largely ineffective with no change in his pitching. He went from having amongst the best BA against to the worst without his pitches changing velocity or location. It's the beginning of the end for him being more than a borderline pitcher, short of learning to command his pitches significantly better...which is a stretch.
Chris Sale finished July with an ERA of 2.69 and recorded an ERA of 3.72 for the rest of the season (correct me if my math is wrong), so obviously he doesn't have an elite future. Mike Trout only hit .281 after August 31 after hitting about 50 points higher over the prevous five months, so it's the beginning of the end for him.

Frankly, I thought your number discrpency was just a typo before you defended it and I assumed it was something you read on the Internet. But your analysis is where the humor lies.