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Ryan (Boston)

What percent could you give that Peavy gets moved, and what kind of return should the Sox realistically expect in return?
Bruce Levine (1:07 PM)

Sox are looking for position players, namely CF, 3B and catching. Peavy should bring back as much as Garza, considering whoever acquires him has him for another year. I'd say the percentage is 100.

Comment From Frank Frank: ] Why isn't there more interest in Adam Dunn. He is really come alive after such a slow start.

Tuesday July 23, 2013 3:05 Frank
He has been solid over the last three months or so, I didn't fully realize that until now. I guess the lack of position and the salary are impediments, but he is still somewhat movable.

Tom (tinley) [via mobile]

Do you believe Alex rios will be dealt and how much value does he hold?
Bruce Levine (1:54 PM)

I think he still has a lot of value. His no-hustle play has been followed by some of his best hitting of the year. The Sox will want some outfield talent back in return for him. Pittsburgh and Texas have been interested.

Ryan (Orland Park?)

Do think Robin is going fired after the season is over?
Bruce Levine (1:49 PM)

I don't think they would fire him. I don't think they would blame him for the team's failure this year. As far as to whether he manages past next season, I'm not sure about that. But Robin told me he enjoys managing and likes the job so I don't see him fired or quitting at this point. It's amazing to me how people have flipped on him from one year to the next. Last year he was the anti-Ozzie and now people want an Ozzie-type back. It's a tough job, managing

TK (Chicago)

Isn't Alexei's trade value at an all time low right now? What kind of return do you think the Sox could get for him?
Bruce Levine (1:34 PM)

He is still considered one of the top SS in baseball. He's had a rough year defensively but look at his overall game and see how many defensive plays he makes effortlessly. You need to get top quality players back for Ramirez.
Comment From Bill Bill: ] Are the Red Sox the best fit for Peavy? Seems like a playoff rotation of Buchholz/Peavy/Lackey/Lester is pretty solid to me...

Tuesday July 23, 2013 2:57 Bill
They have a huge need for a guy like Peavy. Lester and Dempster are pitching more like back rotation guys, Buchholz needs to fight through some discomfort...Peavy would be huge. Sox have a large stash of prospects to deal from, though some wouldn't be up for discussion here.