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Originally Posted by kobo View Post
*** does this even mean? Ask back? Who is he kidding? There are players under contract for next season so those players will be back. If they're not then they will be traded because they aren't going to eat any salary. Once again, KW trying to be the tough guy instead of just being honest.
Right, it isn't a college team or a club team.

Kenny basically was speaking to the meatballs of the fan base that need this stuff blown up their rear end.

What the Sox need more than anything right now is leadership and energy. This team is one of the most boring, most dull ever. For anyone who played even a varsity high school sport, you know how important it is to NOT BE FLAT. Bad Habits are contagious. There is not one guy on this team offensively who can carry the load. There is not one guy (outside maybe Dunn) who can change an entire game on one swing of the bat or one great trip on the basepaths.

I think when Rios commented on the energy Texas has, that was telling.

If you had to look at guys Kenny may have been talking too, Tank is probably one. You can't play him at first base because you can't handle his offensive production there. 1st is a position where you need to think offense first. His .750 OPS isn't going to hack it.
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