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I'm no big fan of Hawk anymore, but I kind of like how "The Will To Win" has caught on. If the team were any good (which it isn't), something like this could catch on like "Winning Ugly" did thanks to Doug Rader. It's certainly better than the lame-o "MakeAnImpact" official slogan that Sox marketing came up with.

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The only 2 things I have to say about Dunn and Rios are that 1. 95% of the baseball world thought we got excellent value in Dunn. After he signed, many people thought we got a discount. Nobody could ever have predicted such a sharp decline. 2. Lots of posters should be ashamed of the things they said about Rios, but they'll never admit it.
When I first read this, I honestly though you were saying "1.95% of the baseball world".

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I disagree also. Nevertheless, people should be able to call out lollygaggers for lollygagging without fear of being called racist.


A White Guy Who Used To Boo Alex Rios And Who Still Boos Adam Dunn

Damn straight.
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