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Default How much is Twins franchise worth? It depends...

...on who you ask.

The estate of Carl Pohlad filed a petition with the U.S. Tax Court on Tuesday because the estate disagrees with the IRS as to how much Pohlad's interest in the Twins is worth.

Pohlad owned a non-voting 52.2% interest in MT Sports LLC, which in turn owned a 99% non-voting interest in Minnesota Twins LLC (i.e., the team). Pohlad also owned 95.5% interest (10% of the voting shares and 100% of the non-voting shares) in Twins Sports Inc., which owns 100% of the voting interest in Minnesota Twins LLC. The other 90% of the voting shares in Twins Sports was held by his three sons.

Pohlad's estate valued his entire interest in the team at $24 million. The IRS valued it at close to $300 million.

You're not going to find this online right now unless you have access to Westlaw or something. Maybe Deadspin will pick it up.
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