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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
This has been debunked. The Sox only have half of the third major market at their disposal. Call it 4.5M potential fans if they indeed can capture half the market, but again, the only thing that draws people to UCSF is baseball, there's no other reason to go, so it's not like they are located in the middle of tourist heaven ala the flubbies.

For reference sake, Detroit has 4.3, Minnesota has 3.1, Cleveland and KC both have ~2M.

Texas has exclusive rights to the D-FW area with 6.3M potential fans and one of the highest per capita levels of wealth in the country. They've made the playoffs 5 times since 1996, twice in the new millennium and won two pennants - both the last two years and no WS titles.

The Angels have 6M potential fans (half of the LA area( and again are located in an area with MASSIVE personal wealth. They have made the playoff 6 times since 2004 with one WS title to show for it.

It's not like these teams are significantly out performing the Sox.

The Sox have been spending like a big market team for several years too, some of those moves haven't worked out, but you can't say they haven't been trying.
Maybe you cant put the Sox in the rangers or angels category( and of course the yanks and boston) but you can definitely put them in and above the detroit category. That puts the Sox in the upper 1/3 in the AL, right below the rangers and angels.
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