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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
The MLB package doesn't show simultaneous broadcasts of the same game, usually you just get the home team feed so you'd have Hawk 81 times a year anyway, but it's all moot, if you're location is correct and you live in Chicago, as Sox games are blacked out here. You'd still have to watch CSN, WGN, WCIU, etc. Premium package gives you your choice of home or away feed on every game that has both feeds. If you're only given one choice, it means the other team isn't on TV in their home market that day. And you're correct, if you're in the defined market for either team involved in the game, you're blacked out that day. When the Sox play the Twins, I have to watch the game on regular cable with the Twins' announcers, because the game is blacked out on for me.

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