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Originally Posted by soxfanreggie
In my MVP baseball season, I have B-Mac as the closer (yes I made him...and yes...he's a force). However, that is fantasy land and this is real life. I think finishing the season in Triple A, maybe making one or two more starts in the majors will help him. If we bring up any bullpen help, I vote it to be Bajenaru who is tearing it up this year. He could definitely help our bullpen in any struggles it may have.
McCarthy will make 1-2 more starts in place of El Duque if he heals normally, and it's probable we could see him again later in the season if El Duque needs a similar rest.

Bullpen help? I think they'll look for a proven MLB bullpen arm before they turn to Bajenaru, Smith, Jenks, Diaz, etc down the stretch...
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