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Default Bullpen help just a phone call away?

I want the opinions of the "experts," not the knee-jerk brigades on this one.

IMHO, the "weakest link" in the Sox bullpen is long relief (the loss to Texas, where Vizcaino and Politte pitched well, is a notable exception). If the starter gets torched early and Ozzie pulls him, he has a tendency to burn through his bullpen. Seems to me the Sox need someone who could go four or five or even six innings in relief if needed.

Barring injury that would bring him here sooner, would it be advisable to bring up Brandon McCarthy mid-season to pitch long relief? Something tells me his ability to get strikeouts would be just what the Sox need in a long reliever. Then, if the injury bug should bite Hernandez or another starter, McCarthy's already with the Sox and ready to go. He also could spot start if one of the starters goes through a "dead arm" phase.

Would there be any downside to the Sox or to McCarthy to do so?
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