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Here are some philosophies I wish the Sox would become consistent on:

-DH. First it was one big bat (Thome) then a bunch of little bats (Kotsay, ect.) then back to a big bat with Dunn. Thome was by far the most successful DH we've had over the past 4 years and that can make a huge difference for an offense. Having a black hole there just sucks the life out of it.

-Roster Makeup. Obviously a team will never be either all veterans or all youngsters but if the Sox want to change then they might have to "rebuild." Meaning it makes no sense to have Floyd pitching for us when it could be Hector Santiago. Just spinning our wheels. And if we are going to try to build winners by getting established talent then shouldn't we get established talent? Our bench is a joke.

Looking specifically at this offseason I have zero clue what we were seems like it was a giant mess and it is turning out that way on the field as well.

I'm concerned that the front office might actually be surprised by how this season is playing out when it was clear that offense and depth were lacking from the get go.
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