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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
There is plenty of precedent to suggest larger guys don't hold up as well over the course of their careers. Prince's durability to this point has been great, but he's still only 29 years old. To think his durability in this decade translates automatically to the next would be foolish.

Sox fans shouldn't need a primer in that. Here's our beloved big man slugger, Frank Thomas:

Age 22-30: 1,236 GP out of 1,296 team games = 96%
Age 31-40: 1,086 GP out of 1,620 team games = 67%

Production also suffered :

Pre-30: .321/.443/.584, 174 OPS+, 19.24 PA/HR
31-40: .277/.390/.521, 135 OPS+, 19.45 PA/HR

Maybe Fielder will be the guy that breaks the mold, but it is much more historically contrarian to think that as he ages, he won't feel the affects of his weight.
And to automatically assume a guy who has never been on the DL and almost never misses a game is all of a sudden going to break down is equally foolish I'd say.