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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post

Here, we've been over this before, here's the Stats 101 Guide to How to Discern "Good Stats" from "Bad Stats"

GOOD STATS - Rely heavily on the Batter vs. Pitcher, 1 vs. 1, feature that makes baseball so good for statistical analysis. EXAMPLES: On Base Percentage, Strikeouts per 9 IP, BABIP, FIP

BAD STATS - Rely heavily on the participation of outside influences (whether that be your teammates, arbitrary situations, or third parties).
Don't stats like OBP and BABIP rely on whether the pitchers teammates catch the ball or not? FIP assumes that balls put in play are average...ignores that the quality of the balls put in play depends on whether the pitcher got the better of the hitter or vice versa. Seems like a crap stat to me.
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