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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
For a pitcher, wins and saves are pretty worthless stats in and of themselves but they are not completely worthless. If a guy has 40 saves with a sub two ERA and low WHIP, hey, that's pretty impressive. Conversely, if a guy is like Joe Borowski and has 40 saves with a 5 something ERA, that's not so impressive. The same thing is true with wins, but I will say that I think there is something telling about a guy who is capable of winning a lot of games or saving a lot of games regardless of what his other numbers are. It might not be saying much but it says something. Maybe it's just that he is on a good team.
This is mind boggling, you've just articulated perfectly why saves are such a pointless stat, that a guy can dominate and another one can be ****ty and wind up with the same number. This is so maddeningly logically inconsistent, it's insane.

Here, we've been over this before, here's the Stats 101 Guide to How to Discern "Good Stats" from "Bad Stats"

GOOD STATS - Rely heavily on the Batter vs. Pitcher, 1 vs. 1, feature that makes baseball so good for statistical analysis. EXAMPLES: On Base Percentage, Strikeouts per 9 IP, BABIP, FIP

BAD STATS - Rely heavily on the participation of outside influences (whether that be your teammates, arbitrary situations, or third parties). EXAMPLES: Runs Batted In, Saves, Pitcher W-L Record, Errors

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