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Originally Posted by Wsoxmike59 View Post
This is really a cool idea. I visited Field of Dreams back in 1995, which I call, l it was the greatest one day adventure I ever had. We had just purchased our camper out at Woodhaven Lakes near Mendota IL and one weekend in My wife had planned a day trip for us to drive up to Galena from there.

We started off one early Saturday morning on our journey first stopping off in tiny Fulton IL, and visiting a property of a gentleman who recreated the tiny town of Fulton circa 1800s on his land. He built a town complete with homes and shops, (general stores, newspaper, saloons, post offic, barber etc) and even had a covered bridge on his land. We finished our Fulton tour and had a picnic lunch on the banks of the Mississippi River.

From Fulton we then headed on to Galena for a visit of the home of Civil War hero General Ulysses S. Grant. After touring the Grant home and some antique shops along the main drag (where I saw a team picture of the 1917 or 1919 White Sox for sale) we headed across the Mississippi River in to Dubuque Iowa to visit and explore some caves my wife wanted to see. The caves were really neat and it was really cool (literally) down there and saw some pretty amazing things.

We were just about to call it a day when my wife said you know Field of Dreams is less than an hour from here? So we just decided then and there to Go the Distance. Talk about in the middle of nowhere, and my wife navigated just using an Atlas GPS in those days! We found it and toured the field and stands, I even got a chance to throw some BP pitches to my wife and daughter. It was a pretty cool experience.

After Field of Dreams we started to head home to the camper, and we got back somewhere around 11:00 pm and we were pretty exhausted. But I told my wife that was the most fun and adventurous day I ever had. We made a lot of stops, saw some really cool places and to end it with the Field of Dreams tour was the cherry on top of the sundae.
On your way there in the camper, did you happen to pick up a kid with a glove and bat who was hitchhiking his way to a baseball game?

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