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Congratulations Tigers for being American League Champions. I'm glad the Yankees are going home.

Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
Yea, I know that everyone thinks the Sox could have had the same success the Tigers have had this year but the fact is that two of our three best pitchers were absolutely gassed by the middle of September.
I agree. The July version of the White Sox would have had a decent shot at the series, but the regular season is a 162 game marathon and the Sox were obviously gassed by the end. It's not just the pitchers, position players like Youkilis and Dunn faded badly at the end.

I know we led the Tigers most of the season (including a 3 game lead w/ 16 games to go), but the Tigers just have much more depth than the Sox. As much as I like Sale, we don't have anyone who's even close to as good as Verlander and perhaps Scherzer too. The Tigers have 2 players on their roster who are on track to be 1st ballot Hall of Famers.

IMO, there's a difference between the Yankees just going over the top year after year outspending even the 2nd richest team by tens of millions and the Tigers putting up the money to bring a 2nd pennant in 6 years to Detroit. I can't fault the Tigers organization for investing resources in both their major league roster and their farm system to get it done. They have their faults, but they obviously were able to step up against the big boys when it mattered? When was the last time other than 2005 that a White Sox team really got going down the stretch when the season was on the line?