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Default The Bad Guys on the Northside

One of these posts said the Cubs at least have a plan and they're sticking to it. Bill Veeck once said "The future is now. Five year plans usually lead to new five year plans." I saw recently that the Cubs listed Brett Jackson as their 3rd best prospect. If he's there 3rd best prospect they have problems in their farm system. He can't hit left handed pitchers and he's basically a utility player. When the day comes Jackson is released by the Cubs he'll be out of baseball. The White Sox has produced more from their farm system recently and it sure is a better system than what the bad guys on the Northside have now. As far as our fanbase, it appears as if our attendance will be somewhere between 2-2.5 million with decent teams. Less than that with real bad teams. We'll draw alot more than 2.5 million after great years. (the attendance almost hit 3 million in 2006) I don't see how anybody can say that we have a small fanbase with these type of numbers. If we played our games in a better location and had lower ticket prices our attendance would increase also. I read sometime this year that Forbes magazine said the White Sox are the 10th in revenues in MLB. With their TV contracts and high ticket prices the White Sox are 10th in revenue. Some teams might outdaw the White Sox but the White Sox are making more money than they are. Believe me if some of those teams who outdraw us ever charged for tickets what the White Sox charge for theirs their attendance would not be as good as it is.

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