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Originally Posted by Adele_H View Post
Divaldi still all about farm system, my my. Brings back memories of like the glory days of Aaron Poreda's alleged 99 mph sinker with unhittable slider & pinpoint control while in AA Birmingham.... that I guess when later translated into proper Major-Leaguese, actually meant "94 mph, string-straight, cement-mixer slider; wild; needs a haircut".....

Sigh, nostalgia sure ain't what it used it be.

No surrresly, RD.........from what I gather Sox seem to have put behind the days of BorchardHonelRoyceRingBrianAndersonJoshFieldsLance BroadwayKyleMcllulochAaronPoreda

Ok, no more Dave Wilder, Duane Schaffer horror.

Reading names like Trayce Thompson, Jarred Mitchell, Hawkins, Walker, Barnum, Soptic, Petricka -- not to mention Chris Sale, Viciedo, Nate Jones, Reed, Septimo on the bigleague club..... Sox are stockpiling high-upside talent for a change.

How close are the bolded names to the majors?

The lesson learned from Poreda and all other Barons pitchers is that the radar gun in Birmingham is juiced. Basically you subtract 3/4 mph from any scouting report coming out of there. Speaking of Aaron, I still have no idea what happened to his control. He hasn't been able to throw a strike in years.

As for the bolded names Mitchell is the closest to being ready for the big leagues, but he still needs 2013 in the minors and then a September call-up. The rest of those guys are 2,3,4 years off.
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