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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Just the way Flowers has been hyped you would think his bat was something SPECIAL and not just good (but that also could speak about our farm, especially offensively). I agree, you can live with 240-800 ops if Flowers D gets into the very strong range. That said, people were hyping Flowers bat as playing well at 1st or DH if he didn't make it as a C, and clearly if those are his projections, he needs to stay as a C to really hold his value.
His bat is special for a catcher. I think his floor in the league is a .750 OPS catcher with okay defense. That's top ten production in the league.

People who hyped that are looking at his ceiling, which could very well be an .875 OPS. Perhaps they were overzealous, perhaps we learn more about a player's offensive/defensive ability as they progress through higher levels. I tend to agree with the latter.
Originally Posted by oeo View Post
Exactly. I have to question these people. Last year he's a fat piece of **** with a great bat and terrible defense. Now he can become a plus defender but his bat is pretty crappy? How often do these guys actually see them play or do they just make broad assumptions? Sounds like they get conflicting reports from scouts (no surprise) and take what they want from it.
Players change, OEO. As I stated earlier, you learn more about a player the more they progress through the minor leagues.
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