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Originally Posted by A. Cavatica View Post
This team is more than a few free agent signings away. Are they going to sign nine free agents?
9 is probably too many but they are probably 2 years of free agent signing away. But hopefully the trades they make in 2013 will fill a few position player holes. As I pointed our recently, Boston signed a bunch of average free agents around Ellsbury-Pedroia and Ortiz and a mediocre pitching staff. They have gone from one of the worst teams to one of the best. The additions they made???? Uehara-Ryan Sweeney ( who got cut), Victorino, Napoli, David Ross( who got hurt), Jonny Gomes and Dempster. They are mostly the kind of free agents that are available every year. Obviously the difference is Boston started with 3 studs so the White Sox need to get one or two via a trade or free agent signing. Boston also went out and got a much better coaching staff than they had.