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Originally Posted by mzh View Post
Because Babe Ruth didn't have steroids, Mickey Mantle didn't have steroids, Willie Mays didn't have steroids, Roger Maris didn't have steroids, and Hank Aaron didn't have steroids. It's been beaten to death in this thread- illegal anabolic steroids and greenies, coke, meth, or whatever else you want to throw out there are NOT the same thing.
Well comparing the greenies to steroids of today has been beaten to death to but the fact that players of the past were using drugs for unfair advantages is enough for me to think differently about this. I feel Nolan Ryan was using but because nobody cared back then his strikeout records isn't tainted. I already know theres no proof on Ryan but theres probably more evidence he used than Clemens. The mod is probably right too there really is no agreeing on this subject.
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