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Originally Posted by thomas35forever View Post
The interesting thing about all this is that the D-backs never issued anything to the Dodgers specifically requesting not to jump in their pool. If you just clinched a playoff spot and no one forbade you from going in there, wouldn't you? Yeah, it was goofy, but I don't find them at fault.

Incidentally, I still wonder what went on in that area when the D-backs won the World Series.
If you mean what went on in the pool, I don't recall hearing about anything negative. Plus, isn't that apples and oranges? D'Backs fans celebrating in the pool--which by the way is not exactly a cheap ticket--is not quite the same thing as Dodgers players jumping in. Medford Bobby, you make a good point about the security issue, but, given the blowback, can you imagine what we'd be hearing if security had kept the Dodgers players out?

Again, I personally think this has been blown out of all proportion. And I agree, the best way to keep a team from celebrating in your face is to win the division.

Re the comment about the "inferiority complex" many Arizona fans have about LA, that may be true for some, but not all. I was in LA only once; I drove out a few years ago to root for my brother, who was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. One day was enough; I drove back later that night and was happy as hell to be back in Chandler at 1am. The drive out sucked, the traffic sucked, the hotel sucked, and the drive back sucked. We have some air quality problems in Arizona, but yikes, LA! Not much to like, IMO, and nothing to feel inferior about. By and large, I'll take the Valley!

Then again, my brother won a couple of grand on the Wheel, so it wasn't all bad.

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