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Originally Posted by Lillian View Post
Take a look at De Aza's current split stats at Charlotte. He continues to hit, after a brief stint on the D.L.
Think about the feasibility of bringing him up to at least face right handers.
If some team needs a lead off man, couldn't the Sox deal Pierre, and replace him with De Aza, or even a platoon of De Aza and Lillibridge?
I know Juan had a good night last night, but really he's still not very good.
You want to bring up a guy who is basically a career minor leaguer to replace a guy who may not be good, but is at least a solid MLB veteran who hasn't been that bad at all in the middle of a pennant race?

Just a horrible idea.

If Pierre was hitting .200, we could talk. Bringing up De Aza would still not be the answer though. Christ.
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