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Originally Posted by delben91 View Post
He's no Brad Eldred.
So you guys remember.

I admit, I thought Eldred might have helped, at some point.

However, De Aza is a completely different kind of player. Eldred was a big slugger, who struck out a lot. This guy is a "toolsy" player who can do a lot of things well.

Do you actually like Pierre's game?
I really don't like his style of offense. He's nothing more than a base runner, and he doesn't get on enough to exercise those skills.

I'd like to have someone who can at least hit a sacrifice fly with a runner on third, and less than two out. All he seems capable of hitting is a "seeing eye" single, or a Texas Leaguer.

Remember, he's only guaranteed to bat lead off once per game. After that, he's pretty useless. It's fine in the N.L., where the lead off guy usually comes to bat with no one on base, after the weak #8 hitter and the pitcher. In the A.L., the lead off hitter can expect to have a lot more chances to move runners up, or drive them in, and he just doesn't seem very capable of that, unless he sacrifice bunts.

He sure wasn't worth the money he got in that big contract, and I doubt he'll be worth what he's costing the Sox, even after what the Dodgers are kicking in.
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