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Originally Posted by Jerko View Post
Isn't that a kicker? It takes 20 minutes to go get a burger during a day game at the Cell with 18000 people there because half of the field is funneled to one stand (the fan deck). What a joke. I'm glad I live close and usually eat something before I get there.
Over the years, I have come to expect that even if there is only a single person/family ahead of me in line at a USCF concession, i'll miss an entire 1/2 inning of play before I get my food.

The reason the lines are long is that the service is painfully slow. The stands are so inefficient it's maddening. Even a simple order of a brat and a beer seems to take forever for them to ring it up and give me my food.

Originally Posted by Jerko View Post
It's always somebody else's fault. Problem with the venders? "Sportservice controls that". Well, you HIRED them they should answer to you.

Problem with the crossing guards almost getting you flattened? "The city forces us to hire them".

No stands open? "That's unacceptable", then fewer stands are open the next homestand.

The ushers don't know the answer to any question they get asked? "Oh they are students who had to go to school when we had training".

Now I haven't been to any other MLB ballparks, but I do attend other sporting events and the Cell is the only place that half-asses it during a professional game (and I've been to some dumps).
That's pretty much how the entire organization is run. There's no accountability. The people who left this farm system and major league team in a shambles are never held accountable for years and years of failing to build up a strong core of young talent. They seem more interested in hiring former Sox players than to bring in people who will really get this franchise back on track.
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