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The $3 sausage promotion on July 3 was great, as long as you took advantage of it by the sixth inning. I went to buy an Italian sausage with marina and couldn't. Italians, Polishes and premium dogs for $3 were either sold out or the stands shut down. I walked completely around the lower bowl and couldn't buy one. At one stand they had a couple of sad-looking Italian sausages on a nearly-empty grill so I ordered one, but then was informed that stand was out of marina sauce.

The promotion should have stated "while supplies last" or "through six innings" or something like that. I was hungry and ticked off. Apparently it's too much to ask to be able to buy a basic item after the sixth inning. After I came up empty on my trip around the park I reluctantly settled on buying a deluxe burger...but was told the stand was closed. In fact, a lot of stands shut down by the seventh inning. I asked a worker if the stands always close in the seventh and was told "pretty much." At that point, I didn't want to give the Sox any more of my money, but, like I said, I was hungry so I found the deluxe sandwich stand near the right-field corner was open. You have to fill out a form to check everything you want on the sandwich. I finally returned to my seat and found that neither the mustard or mayo that I ordered was on the sandwich.

This organization is a train wreck from top to bottom.
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