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Nellie... wasn't calling them out or JDM, I thought he had a good post... simply saying that I think there is a portion of the fan base that will not forget nor forgive the events that happened as long as they are alive.

I think to act like that doesn't exist is being unrealistic.

In fact... JR has done a lot of good things for this franchise, it's also a fact that regardless of when it happened, be it ten days, 10 years or 30 years ago, he's also done some things that have caused irreparable harm to the franchise. That's a matter of the historical record not one man's opinion.

When the time comes it will be interesting to see how he is portrayed in the media and what happens to the franchise moving forward.

JDM is also correct in that my personal feelings towards JR have changed. Winning a World Series does that, finally spending money to try to bring a winner does that.

One other historical point, the Veeck - Marvin Davis (Denver) connection never really got off the ground. I think that was Bill just putting that out to see what might happen.

It was basically Seattle period (in 75) or selling to DeBartolo (80) who was going to keep the franchise in Chicago. New Orleans was never really an option due to facilities. I stood on the floor of the uncompleted Superdome in 74 and was told about the possibility for baseball but if you thought the Kingdome was a dreary place to play, you never saw the Superdome in a baseball configuration.

In my opinion some of the Sox moving talk in the 70's was overblown.

And the record also shows that Allan "Bud" Selig was the owner most trying to screw over the Sox and their fans in that time period...not Veeck, Davis, DeBartolo or anybody else.


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