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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
You make it sound like the current ownership group has been the worst in Sox history, when in fact it's been the most successful in any of our lifetimes. It's certainly not the case that all problems started when they took over. There have been plenty of moves explored and bad trades made by other owners. Even the sainted Bill Veeck.
The thing is, I wasn't really calling out Lip at all. He just points them out because, well, he knows the history of the White Sox better than anyone around these parts. There are plenty of other people on this board and everywhere else who I was referring to. The strike, which I was very upset about, happened 17 years ago. I don't even talk about it anymore. I was still in high school, and pretty much forgotten those days period.

In fact, when I first came here, Lip despised JR with a passion. I don't see quite the hatred anymore. I think he has acknowledged both the good and bad things during his tenure. Which, in a 30+ year tenure, there are going to be positives and negatives.

I don't even think the team is ran the same way as it was when the regime took over. I don't see JR on TV anymore except for the occasional interview. I've seen Einhorn on TV twice since the strike. Once was during the World Series parade. The other was an interview he did with NFL Films that had nothing to do with the White Sox.

To me, the Sox have using a similar model in the past ten or so years. This is what needs to be focused on. We have seen the model they current have can give you some success, but not long term success. How to fix it? Well, luckily, it's not my job to do so.
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