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Originally Posted by Marqhead View Post
There's no salary cap in baseball, and with the ridiculous TV contracts beign thrown around there's no reason not to throw this kind of money at the best players.

Which roster would you rather have right now, Angels or White Sox? Tigers or White Sox?
Your point makes sense when plucking guys off the street in Free Agency.

Cabrera is their guy for 2 more seasons.

I'm of the mentality you suck all the juice you can right now for a guy under an already hefty contract and deal with Free Agency when the time comes. There is a good chance Cabrera's peak years are his next 2-4, why expose yourself to 6 more on top of that.

The Chris Sale signing is the only type of "looking ahead" signing that makes sense these days. The Trout idea was also sounding good up until the $200 million + number being thrown out there. With club control for 3 more seasons, why go so high on the FA buyout?
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