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Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
A terrible video executed terribly. The stunning thing is a number of people had to sign off on this piece of garbage. Every person who gave this the green light has no feel for music, video production, White Sox baseball and the team's fans. Shockingly bad on every level.

What makes this video twice as (fill in your most extreme adjective here) is that it replaced a perfect video.

Bring back the old!
The "History" video is easy to update every year with highlights from the previous year so that younger and more recent fans can relate to. To older fans like myself, a video with Louie, Nelllie, Allen, Fisk etc. sets the perfect tone for the upcoming game. It makes me think Boyer has gotten off the rails and is lacking for any feel of the fans. If Boyer signed off on scrapping the "History" video for that piece of crap, he should be canned. For once the Chairman should put his famous empoyee loyalty aside and make a change for the Sake Of The Sox.
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