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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
What exactly has Santiago proven? If h was Cy Young caliber, I would understand this line of thinking...but he isn't. He's a middle to end of rotation pitcher. Yes, he's cost controlled, but so is Eaton. I don't know what else you would expect the Sox to get for him.
Notice the word "good" when I described Santiago? I never said he was great or proven. He's a good young pitcher with major league experience and some success at the ML level who is controlled until 2017. He needs to command a little more of a return than a mostly unknown outfielder.

There's a reason a contender like the Angels were falling all over themselves trying to get Santiago. They offered us Howie Kendrick before they got the Diamondbacks involved. They see the value in good young LHP. Apparently we do not see the value when trading said pitcher.

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