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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
The entertainment I'm paying for is to see two teams of some of the best baseball players in the world play the game that I love. I'm there to see Chris Sale pitch, Adam Dunn crush a 500-foot homer, etc., I'm not there to see Joe West call balls and strikes or Angel Hernandez ump over at 1st base. Their job is to stay hidden as much as possible and to get the calls right so the game has some semblance of of legitimacy.

I agree that this system is pretty silly, but I don't see why anyone would actively want the league to ignore technological advancements that would make the sport better.
I completely agree that you're there to see the players, and not notice the umps.
I understand that the technology of gloves, shoes, etc. for the players has advanced, but I'm perfectly okay with the umpire's eyes and reflexes being the primary tools of his trade. I know I probably come off as a Luddite to some, and who knows what to others.

I remember the Don Majkowski play quite well. The ref blew the call. As a fan, life goes on. I was only an observer to the event, I was hardly involved.
I guess if the players, owners, and umpires want the replay, they'll get it. They're the ones involved in the events.
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