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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
This is the analysis I've been hearing for years, some of it since 1982. I think it's oversimplified, although it sounds great in theory. I recall that Munster, where I grew up, was heavily Cubs country before the Sox moved to UHF. And Muster was heavily Cubs country and anti-Harry Caray until he moved to the Cubs. You could come out of the closet in 1972, but it didn't last much beyond that.

The White Sox didn't draw 2 million until after Harry Caray went to the Cubs. They didn't draw 2 million in 1977. And the White Sox drew 2 million before the Cubs did. I don't think Harry Carary had much of an effect on team allegiances. He was loud and brash and people could be more excited about being Sox fans because of him at the beginning as the team started playing better, but Cubs households didn't become White Sox households because of Harry Caray. Kids coming home from school to see the Cubs in the afternoon would have still seen the Cubs in the afternoon if WGN was only doing afternoon home games of the two teams, the way they pretty much were doing by 1967. I don't know of any Cubs fan in the early 1970s, when there weren't many Sox fans in Munster, whose families used to be White Sox fans or were on the fence about which team to support.
Harry is only one part of the equation, I have been a Sox fan since the early 50s and I've seen the Sox outdrawing the Cubs 2 to 1 in the 50s and 60, not every year but quite a few years. I'm pretty sure that the turn-around with the Cubs now more popular than the Sox has to do with all the things I mentioned but if I had to pick the number one reason it would the Sox leaving WGN after the 1967 season. You make a good point about kids watching the Cubs after school. I always watched the Cubs after school or even in my working years as I worked evenings but never pulled for them, I can still hear Brickhouse muttering "Oh brother".
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