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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
We have talked about this many times, the reason the Cubs are more popular than the Sox start in the mid 60s when the Sox were the more popular team but they left WGN to go to UHF TV. That was great, the Sox would televise all their games on WFLD-32 but no one had UHF TVs at the time. No telling how many fans we lost on that fiasco. The turmoil of the late 60s came next as fans were afraid to visit Comiskey. The Cubs are now on WGN full time and after years of sub .500 ball have a contender while the Sox after 17 years of winning seasons hit the skids with 68-69 and 70 being some of their worst years ever. The Sox make a comeback in the early 70s with Harry in the booth and Dick Allen on the field. The rest of the 70s there was basically a tie in popularity. JR comes on the scene in 81 and the Sox by 1983 are #1 again but Harry has gone to the Northside and the Cubs win the division in 1984. The Sox meanwhile bring in Sportsvision and you need to pay to watch the Sox while the Cubs are on WGN for free, what a fiasco that was. The Trib buys the Cubs and it has not been the same since, they market Wrigley Field with Harry leading the way and WGN is a super station and it's no contest . The threat of moving to Florida came next which rubbed most Sox fans the wrong way. The new ballpark helped the Sox for a few years but that didn't last long as fans hated the upper deck. We then lived through the White Flag trade and fans were irate. What hurts me most is they outdrew us in 2005 while we have the best team and win the WS and in 2006 when teams draw gangbusters after a title. They even outdrew us in 2012 while we were in first place until late September and they were in last the whole season.
Looking back if the Sox were only able to build on years like 83, 93, 2000 and 2005 things might have been better but they never were able to make the post-season 2 years in a row, the strike of 1994 really hurt the franchise, seems like JR got more blame than anyone else. After all these blunders by management in almost the last 50 years it's a wonder there are any Sox fans anywhere.
This is the analysis I've been hearing for years, some of it since 1982. I think it's oversimplified, although it sounds great in theory. I recall that Munster, where I grew up, was heavily Cubs country before the Sox moved to UHF. And Muster was heavily Cubs country and anti-Harry Caray until he moved to the Cubs. You could come out of the closet in 1972, but it didn't last much beyond that.

The White Sox didn't draw 2 million until after Harry Caray went to the Cubs. They didn't draw 2 million in 1977. And the White Sox drew 2 million before the Cubs did. I don't think Harry Carary had much of an effect on team allegiances. He was loud and brash and people could be more excited about being Sox fans because of him at the beginning as the team started playing better, but Cubs households didn't become White Sox households because of Harry Caray. Kids coming home from school to see the Cubs in the afternoon would have still seen the Cubs in the afternoon if WGN was only doing afternoon home games of the two teams, the way they pretty much were doing by 1967. I don't know of any Cubs fan in the early 1970s, when there weren't many Sox fans in Munster, whose families used to be White Sox fans or were on the fence about which team to support.
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