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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
So was 2008 just an aberration or an accident? I thought you subscribed to the idea that ďluck is the residue of design.Ē

They would have beaten the Rays in the ALDS had Danks been able to pitch twice in that series, which would have happened if they hadnít lost Crede, Quentin, and Contreras to injury, all after the trade deadline, and thus been forced to win game 163 just to outlast the Twins. Iíll grant you that the Swisher deal was a disaster, but that didnít doom us in 2008.
My own two cents is that 2008 was the last hurrah for the 2005 core and marked the beginning of the end of the success the organization had starting in 2000

Go Sox!!!
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