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Originally Posted by A. Cavatica View Post
They wanted him back, but nobody was lining up to hire him, so they could have waited.

They wanted to ensure continuity? I don't see his contract status as "hanging over" a team of prospects trying to make their own futures. The players who know Renteria best will mostly be gone before the contention window, and the rest have no attachment to him.

Do they think he's going to help recruiting premium free agents? I don't see it.
I think we might underestimate the bolded a little bit. The results arenít there thus far but by all accounts heís well liked as a coach.

Ultimately, Iíd be surprised if the way we judge this rebuild in retrospect comes down to the manager. I donít think itís a huge deal. Especially because unlike Ventura, Renteria is a real coach. If he doesnít adjust and have success after 4 or 5 years in the job, then you can cut ties and theyíd still have more than a couple years to do something with the core thatís currently developing.
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