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More information on how this is going to work for the other teams in signing these players.

The White Sox will be limited to a max signing bonus of $500,000 counting against next years pool as this years pool is pretty much depleted. The $500,000 consists of the Sox current $300,000 limit plus $200,000 that every team can use without counting against their pool. At least, that is the way I read it. It could be they are still limited to $300,000 but only $100,000 would count against their overall pool money.

In any event, the Sox might sign some of the lesser players but are unlikely to sign one of higher ranked prospects unless that player really, really, really wants to sign with the Sox. They get to keep their bonus from the Braves so it doesn't necessarily have to be about maxing out the money for these kids. It's ALL bonus dollars for them.

EDIT: The article also gives a little more info on the prospect rankings of each of these kids.
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