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Originally Posted by lpneck View Post
A couple of things:

First, I don't think the tweet was "offensive," and I think it's unlikely people were actually offended. I do think the tweet was in bad taste and should be apologized for.

"Memorial Day means baseball and BBQ!" eh, that's not very good taste. I think it's FINE that people enjoy baseball and have barbecues on Memorial Day, but that's not what the day MEANS. The day exists because people have died so that we have the freedom to enjoy baseball and barbecue.

Second, I appreciate the apology from the White Sox: "We are sorry that one of our posts from earlier today made it seem as if we were insensitive to the true meaning of Memorial Day. That was not our intent, and we hope fans know how much we appreciate the sacrifices our veterans and service men and women have made to preserve our freedoms."

It's not a "we're sorry to anyone that was offended by our statement." It's recognizing that what was sent in the tweet was not a particularly good decision, owning the mistake, and clarifying what the intent was.

No one believes the White Sox are insensitive to the military or the memories of those who died. But it's also OK to say you are sorry when you know you have used bad judgment.
Well said. I don't think their tweet was really offensive at all. But, then again, I don't have any family members who died while service our country.

Also, what exactly was the reaction to this? I didn't see any specifics of what was said to the Sox. The OP said "some were offended", but it's not like this caused a media firestorm or least not that I've heard. Was this a matter of some vets or family members of vets respectfully replying to the Sox that they shouldn't forget the true meaning of Memorial Day? If so, no need for all the "OMG! PC Police!" replies in this thread.

It's true that many of us have lost sight of the true meaning of some of our holidays. Memorial Day and Labor Day have become 3-day weekend bookends to the summer with no other meaning. We used to celebrate Lincoln's and/or Washington's birthday. I believe the federal holiday is still officially called "Washington's Birthday", but everyone calls it by the generic "Presidents Day" name now and it's just become a day off for schools and govt offices with little thought to those 2 great leaders of our country.

So, some people replied on Twitter that the Sox should remember the true meaning of Memorial Day. So what? Instead of feeling like the PC goon squad is hounding everyone, maybe we should all just and see this as a small reminder of what this holiday is about.

Originally Posted by gobears1987 View Post
Veterans Day is observed correctly, but that's also a day to celebrate the Veterans who are still with us. Memorial Day is about those who lost their lives and it is simply shameful how most of the idiots who go out and get drunk on the day mark that day.

Congratulations to America for turning Memorial Day into the number 1 day for DUI's. Those who gave their lives would be proud.

In all honesty, Memorial Day should be moved midweek with the express purpose of ending this ****. Let July 4th be the drunken party. That day is one where celebration is merited.
I'm sure you know this, but before 1971, Memorial Day was celebrated on May 30 no matter what day of the week it fell on.