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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
... The other thing is if the Sox had not thrown the 1919 Series would it have become a dynasty, good chance that it would have.
I'm not sure that the Sox would have been a dynasty so much as a perennial contender. In 1920, the Sox had a really great year, and if the Indians hadn't been just about as good, the Sox would have gone to the World Series even with the seven players suspended for the last three games of the season. Babe Ruth was already hitting 50 homers for the Yankees in 1920, before the scandal broke, when Joe Jackson had only a dozen. Lou Gehrig, having grown up in New York and playing baseball at Columbia, was probably still going to the Yankees in just about any alternate history. When you get to 1927, Lou Gehrig hit more homers than half the teams in the league, and Babe Ruth hit more than 25 percent more homers than Gehrig, as well as more than any AL team but the Yankees.

I used to hear older White Sox fans talking about how 1919 prevented the White Sox from having the dynasty the White Sox should have had. But I think the Yankees dynasty was inevitable with Ruth and Gehrig teamed together.
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