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It's absolutely appalling that not one but BOTH of the upper deck scoreboards had panels that were not functioning on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend (not the ribbon board, the actual scoreboards in the corners). It was embarrassing and looked like something from a little league field. I could MAYBE understand that if the panel stopped working on Saturday there wasn't enough time to get it fixed before the game. For it not to be fixed for Sunday's game is inexcusable and really was a metaphor to me about how lazy this franchise is.

I get that it's a small detail compared to, say, the .108 hitting DH. But I'm a pretty big believer that organizations that don't pay attention to small details aren't very good about big details, either.
So I am pulling another old thread up about the White Sox game day experience- I posted this after a weekend trip I had taken earlier this year in mid-April where the side scoreboads were not functioning.

Lo and behold I go to the game on Sunday, and this time the scoreboard where the hitter's stat line is supposed to be on the out-of-town scoreboard in right field is not working. The panel where things like HR, RBI, OBP, etc. was out and those numbers didn't fuction.

Heading to the game on Tuesday night as well and not real optimistic it is going to be fixed.

2 trips to Chicago, 2 (different) scoreboards that were not working on each trip. I would be embarrassed for a high school that couldn't get numbers on a scoreboard to work.
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