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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
I generally find these jerseys to be pretty ugly, but I'm not going to lie... They looked pretty good yesterday. I think I am going to get tired of seeing them every Sunday home game, though
I didn't see the game and missed Quick Pitch on Sunday night, only seeing a quick highlight of the Viciedo home run, but I agree. The uniforms hold a nostalgic value, and it brings back memories of the 1983 team. By the time they were left behind for the blacki and silver, they seemed ugly, although they seemed a quantum upgrade from Veeck uniforms.

The general consensus around the country was that the 1983 uniforms were ugly after replacing ugly. The Sporting News, when it was still considered the baseball bible, ran a picture of Floyd Bannister's contorted face and pitch delivery from the SOX up on the big cover late in the 1983 season with the headline Winning Ugly. I think Doug Rader's comment resonated so much because so many considered the uniform ugly.
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