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Originally Posted by XplodingScorbord View Post
Again, you do not give him up for nothing. You do not give him up for a lousy prospect. He's going into a contract year. That is a big advantage whether we keep him or we trade him.

If we keep him, he's motivated to bust his butt next year. If we trade him, he's motivated to bust his butt next year and thus should have value. Significant value.
While I think that is a consideration, Alex Rios and motivation aren't usually used in the same sentence. They have Garcia. If they let Rios go and added other players with Rios' money this offseason it would make a lot of sense. When the Sox traded CLee, they were able to add iguchi and AJ with the money saved. They should absolutely try to buy a good prospect here, but if Texas doesn't bite, unless they don't reallocate the funds, they actually will get something for him.
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