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Originally Posted by balke View Post
He's swinging the bat just fine and I never see him grimace. He's just missing the ball by about 6 inches with every swing. He's also not swinging at fastballs down the heart of the plate... I think he's afraid to swing if its not the pitch he's guessing on. He is lost.

Even when he's swinging like he should - he'll just be a .240 hitter and it won't fix the offense. He'll still not be the guy who should be hitting behind PK. If anything - I'm hoping he can just get good enough to where he can sac fly some runners in - something noone seems to be able to do on this team.

Viciedo has to come up. You have the guy with the OBP. You have the MVPesque hitter - its time to get the guy who just smashes the ball hard and puts it in play. Rios looks to me like he figured it out. Could be contenders if this is true.
I said this in the game thread yesterday but I watched the game here in the DC area on the Nationals network Friday & Saturday, giving myself a weekend off from Harrelson. But also to get their perspective on Dunn. They said even in BP he was swinging with much less force than when he was in Washington, he even missed on several BP pitches. When he did make contact, it normally was simply popped up into the cage. Like he's just up there waving and hoping it the bat hits something.

They also hinted, more like danced around the fact, that he was looking a little heavier than when he was in DC. To a man they all thought he would snap out of this sooner rather than later but one wonders as it's nearly July and he looks totally lost up there.

Either way, he's a dead hole in the lineup.