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Originally Posted by PaleHoser View Post
We should have never let him leave to begin with. He was a productive LH bat in the middle of the order and should have been re-signed.

I was very irked when Rick Hahn was quoted a week after he signed with Texas that they needed another LH bat to balance the lineup.

This is pure speculation on my part, but I think one reason he wasn't re-signed was that they needed to choose between him and Jake Peavy .

I don't think there's any question that from a pure baseball standpoint you make him an offer. I think the bigger question is whether Rick Hahn or anyone else in a decision-making role in the organization would be willing to eat humble pie, admit they were wrong to let him leave, and make him an offer.
Meh...I don't disagree with the decision to letting him go to explore other options. They had to see what they would get from a full season of Flowers. That wouldn't be possible with AJ there. Unfortunately, what they got was garbage. And I disagree with the Sox having to choose Peavy over him. Peavy doesn't pitch every day.

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